07 Dec '15

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Trying something new

Getting stuck in a routine is easy to do. After all, we’re creatures of habit. We eat the same breakfast every morning and get to work at the same time. But for entrepreneurs, playing it safe could be curtailing business … Read More

11 Nov '15

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Have you “Forgotten your password?”

Or maybe “How many times have you had to click the ‘Forgotten your password?’ button on a website?” would be a better question. According to the traditional advice — which is still good — a strong password:

Has at … Read More

27 Aug '15

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4 key aspects of any brand

Defining your brand If you’re thinking about how to rebrand your business, its products or services, or if you want to assess where your brand stands at present, here are four key aspects you should consider:

The … Read More

27 Jul '15

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Jargon busting!

Jargon. Oh dear. Every industry and profession has it and “outsiders” can find it baffling. The world of branding is no exception, unfortunately, so here’s list of some of the terminology and jargon that you might read or … Read More

06 Jul '15

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Photography sources and copyright

Do you have a blog? Are you publishing a newsletter? Or preparing a presentation? Photos and illustrations make any publication look better.

But where can you find photos to legally use – that won’t cost a fortune? Here’s what … Read More

20 Jun '15

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Image file formats and when to use them

Have you ever wondered when you should use a JPG instead of a PNG? Or why your designer insists that a gif file taken from a website won’t work on a print project?

Unless you are a graphic … Read More

15 Jun '15

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Making the most of networking

Business networking events can be a great way to boost your business’ reputation, meet potential partners, suppliers or investors and even win new customers. But if you don’t pick the right events, and aren’t willing to talk to new … Read More

05 Jun '15

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Using your brand to attract your customers

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells … Read More

31 May '15

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Tips for exhibiting at a trade show

Successful trade show marketing requires time, energy, creativity, and money. Far too often, companies think “showing up” is the same as “showing off.” To reach your trade show goals, consider these critical exhibit design and marketing tips.

1 Branding.Read More

23 May '15

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10 ways to approach new clients

1 Network. If you sell to other businesses, attend local networking events arranged by your local chambers of commerce or trade association to make contacts. Consider joining online business networking sites such as LinkedIn.

2 Encourage word-of-mouth recommendations. Satisfied … Read More