The Secret

☆ The Secret ↠ Giana Darling ☆ The Secret ↠ Giana Darling, The Secret, Giana Darling, The Secret Is it possible to keep a life changing secret from your family and friends when it is burning you alive from the inside out One week It didn t seem possible that a person could change in one week yet after only seven days spent with the mysterious Frenchman in Los Cabos Mexico Giselle was moving to New York City a changed woman Confident sexy and in charge Elle is rIs it possible to
  • Title: The Secret
  • Author: Giana Darling
  • ISBN: 9780995065017
  • Page: 153
  • Format: ebook
☆ The Secret ↠ Giana Darling - The Secret, The Secret Is it possible to keep a life changing secret from your family and friends when it is burning you alive from the inside out One week It didn t seem possible that a person could change in one week yet

The Secret
The Secret ☆ The Secret ↠ Giana Darling - The Secret, The Secret Is it possible to keep a life changing secret from your family and friends when it is burning you alive from the inside out One week It didn t seem possible that a person could change in one week yet ☆ The Secret ↠ Giana Darling, The Secret, Giana Darling, The Secret Is it possible to keep a life changing secret from your family and friends when it is burning you alive from the inside out One week It didn t seem possible that a person could change in one week yet after only seven days spent with the mysterious Frenchman in Los Cabos Mexico Giselle was moving to New York City a changed woman Confident sexy and in charge Elle is rIs it possible to
  • ☆ The Secret ↠ Giana Darling
    153Giana Darling
The Secret

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  1. 4.5 Stars Cannot be read as a standalone This book is super sexy Now if you hate stories about cheating, you probably won t enjoy this If you love angst and forbidden romances, you ll probably love this Giselle and Sinclair fight a forbidden attraction An attraction that can damage other bonds and promises made in the past Powerless and hungry, they fall into sin together I couldn t get enough of this story I found the scenes absolutely delicious I m diving into the next book

  2. Wow This book is scorching hot The Secret, by Giana Darling, is the second book in her The Evolution Of Sin Trilogy After only seven days spent with a mysterious Frenchman in Mexico, Giselle moved to New York City a changed woman Out of her shell, self confident and sexy Elle is ready to begin her career as an artist and reunite with her family Saddened at the thought of not seeing her French lover again she was quite surprised when he shows up in her mother s kitchen and she discovers just who [...]

  3. Book Review For The Secret by Giana Darling Note Possible Spoiler The Secret by Giana Darling is book two in The Evolution of Sin Trilogy This book continues the story of Giselle Elle and Sinclair Daniel after they both have returned from Mexico This book picks up where the first book The Affair ended So I think to get the full enjoyment of this series it would be better to read the first book too With that said, I will say that Ms Darling writes so well that you can make this a standalone book [...]

  4. HOLY SHIT I FINISHED THE SECRET AT 4 30 am You guys I needed to take breathers while reading this I had to walk away, but yet I didn t want to stop I wanted to smash something BUT, MY GOD did this book make me FEEL I want to cry as I type this Giana made me into a crazy person reading this BUT OH MY JESUS I LOVED this story so much I cannot even write a real review right now This is not my real one I don t even know how I can do this story justice THIS IS A MUST READ and on my TOP READS of 2017

  5. Five not so secret stars for The Secret the second book in Giana Darling s ,Evolution of Sin series I am absolutely enthralled and in love with this series I never thought I would find myself rooting for the cheating couple , but sure enough I found myself doing just that and intensely as the story unravelled.Elle Giselle Moore met Daniel Sinclair on the way to Cabo San Lucas And chose to have a holiday affair with him, so thing so far out of her norm to be scandelous ,but it brought out a dif [...]

  6. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewUpdate Full review is liiiiiiiiveGiana Girl, you better be furiously writing the next book because you can t leave me hanging like that I loved The Affair and I wasn t sure if a sequel would work but holy shit did it ever While the first book romanticised the affair, this one sees Elle and Sin having to deal with the reality of their indiscretion Karma is a straight up bitch sometimes

  7. I don t even know what to say This book These two characters I am hooked It s 3am and I have just finished this story I have cried, raged, laughed and just about combusted Sinclair is one of the hottest, most believable dominant characters I have read and I have a major crush Talk about a complicated love story Okay off to binge book 3 Sleep is for the weak.

  8. The Secret The Evolution Of Sin 2 is LIVE This chapter of Giselle and Sinclair s love story gets to the crux of my original inspiration for the series It s not an easy read There is a sh t ton of angst, moral dilemmas and heartbreak but in the end, I think love is all the stronger for the obstacles it has to face and overcome.

  9. 4 stars I lovved The Secret I really enjoyed it I was excited to get it started and to know how Sinclair and Giselle didn t know each other The cliffhanger from the first book really had me on edge This book had a little secrecy and mystery The flow between the two books was very natural and realistic To me it definitely seems realistic that Giselle and Sinclair didn t know of each other, the fact that Elle and Elena aren t close at all make is very believable and they also hadn t seen each oth [...]

  10. So here I was scrolling through the teasers on my FB page when I came across one for The Secret The Evolution of Sin Book 2 that had been posted by none other than, Giana Darling herself Well after a brief exchange and some squealing I may also have done a happy dance on my part, it showed up on my iPad I have read The Affair and fell in love with the story of Elle and Sinclair, and of course was left hanging at the end of it The Secret picks up just where The Affair ends and Elle finds herself [...]

  11. Received from the author for a honest review Talk about leaving you hanging Elle is finally heading home from her vacation, ready to reunite with her family Ready to let go of her holiday affair Everyone is happy to be together, maybe even her sister Elena Even with her cutting remarks Everything feels like they will be good in New York, until Giselle meets Elena s boyfriend, her beautiful secret Sinclair.This story takes through Giselle s thoughts and conflicts while trying to stay loyal to her [...]

  12. ODC reveiced by the author for honest opinion Elle was a timid artist who went to mexico and ended up in a torrid and scorching unforgettable holiday affair with billionaire, Sinclair Now she left him for good after their one week was over But the fate had other plans for both of them.It is a novel filled with shocking news and a pinch of suspense and a start of something new and twisted to begin It is a tearful journey yet so beautifully written that I read it whole in one night and couldn t sl [...]

  13. The Secret picks up the morning after The Affair ended Giselle is back with her family, and gets the surprise of a lifetime when she meets her sister s partner Daniel Yes folks, Daniel is Giselle s Sinclair How messy can things get In a word Very.The connection between Giselle and Daniel is undeniable Does this make what they did and may do right Heck no Not even the fact that Elena seems to want to hurt everyone who loves her, in a passive aggressive type of way, make the fact that these people [...]

  14. Just finished The Secret and I am in love now than I was after reading book 1 The Affair Giana Darling continues painting the canvas of extremely intriguing characters, main and secondary, places and moments I feel completely voyueristic at times when Sinclair and Elle are together though I don t think either of them mind one bit There were times I wanted to cry, to scream and yell and yes, toss my kindle across the room That is the absolute beauty of Giana Darling and writing Evoking so many f [...]

  15. Reviewed on behalf of The Book Boyfriend Addict bookboyfriendaddict A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.I couldn t decide now who the villain was Me, for pursuing him, for allowing myself to love another woman s partner, or him, the gorgeous devil who had so thoroughly, so easily, seduced the simple European girl on the way to a fresh start Perhaps the villain was neither of them, if anything this book makes a pretty good case for the argument that there doesn t ne [...]

  16. After book 1 I couldn t wait to start this one and what a book it wasI am straight on to book 3 I am hoping for a HEA

  17. The Secret by Giana Darling 5 starsReviewed by PatriciaI have rarely read a book that has the power to fill me with admiration, and delight at the excellence of writing as well as an incredible sense of sensuality and love for the characters and their relationship Even the secondary characters, friends, family and business colleagues are so beautifully drawn that they become your friends and family.The first book in this series by Giana Darling, alluringly called,The Affair began a relationship [...]

  18. This is the second book in the Evolution of Sin series.In order to follow this story you really do need to begin at with the first book do understand what is taking place in the second one.These two books blew me away and now I have the most difficult jobs of waiting for the release of the next book The author begins this book where the last book left off with one hell of a revelation And holy crap, I did not see that coming, which makes the story all the better for it So many stories you can gu [...]

  19. The Secret is the second novel in The Evolution of Sin Series by Giana Darling If you haven t read book one The Affair already it is hugely suggested you do as The Secret continues from where The Affair ended.I Received a copy of The Secret from the author as an ARC in turn for my honest review You can read my review for The Affair Here I Rate The Secret an overall amazing 5 5 Owls.I lost count of how many times I cried or got frustrated during my time reading this the characters were so well wr [...]

  20. Sinful secrets that will leave you breathlessLadies Let me lie down OMG, Like OH MY GOSH what a follow up book to The Affair.The Secret is laced with twists turns, packed with heart wrenching emotions that make you cry one minute then make you scream at the book the next It tugs hard at your own moral judgements, which is what I feel Giana absolutely nailed in the follow up She forces you to ask yourself the would you could you questions before you realise it, you may find yourself supporting th [...]

  21. WHY DID IT HAVE TO END THAT WAY If you didn t know, I absolutely LOVED the book Now can I say the second installment in the series was a full out erotic tale Not really It was like a NA book AND I AM ONLY SPEAKING OF THIS BOOK Thank you Ms Author for providing me with the book This book provided of a story or plot that I love to have The plot was written very well At times I was questioning how did some details contribute to the story line, but I guess I will not know until I finish the series [...]

  22. ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.I woke up this morning and SQUEALED when I saw the ARC in my email I found myself asking, Do I really need to go to school When I left class I ran home and have been on the couch ever since getting my fix of Sinclair and Elle This book picks up where the first ends The first chapter reveals the ULTIMATE problem I ve always turned my nose up at cheaters but Giana Darling has me rethinking that I absolutely love angsty stories and I can t imagine [...]

  23. The Secret by Giana Darling is the second book in her Evolution of Sin trilogy A truly, remarkably, amazing book Honestly, the first one blew me away and this one This one left me in on the Yellow Brick Road We continue where book 1 left off, Elle going to New York City to live with her family after not seeing them for 4 years We then find out that Sinclair is actually Elle s sisters boyfriend Oh my The drama continues and we re left with questions than answers I can t wait to read the third no [...]

  24. Second book in the trilogy and my word I enjoyed this book Elle and Sin met in the first book in Mexico They never thought they would see each other again but fate has a way of creeping up on you Not wanting to give any spoilers a way things get complicated whilst Elle is trying to build a relationship with her siblings and mother Can she have her cake and eat it as well Only time will tell Great storyline I think there is intrigue to come and to be honest I cannot wait for the 3rd book Don t l [...]

  25. Wow, what an utterly tangled web we weaveElle is in big trouble She comes from such a close knit family, big, boisterous and loving She finds out the man she had the week long affair with in Mexico is her sister s fiance, Sinclair Daniel The family all know Sinclair, he s been in the family for years They can only picture him with snooty, rod up her ass Elena, who Elle s hateful, sometimes estranged sister I must say Elena really irked me to no end It seemed like she played upon her siblings fai [...]

  26. Elle Sinclair s story continues right where The Affair left off and it s about to get messy.After one final night, Elle sneaks off into the early morning and heads home Sinclair is to be a treasured memory as she begins a new life in NYC However, when she meets her eldest sister s boyfriend she is in shock, Daniel Sinclair.The two cannot believe it Daniel has been with Elle s sister Elena for four years, which is about the last time she saw her sister Has Karma come to collect They try to stay a [...]

  27. I did not expect to fall in love with Sinclair and Giselle as much as I did Obviously, the whole premise of the series is cheating and normally I hate books with cheating but The Evolution of Sin series put its hooks into me and wouldn t let me go I had a serious book hangover after reading the whole series in two days I could not stop reading and when I did, I couldn t stop thinking about it.The series was a tough read It evoked so many emotions that I had trouble separating myself from the sto [...]

  28. The Secret, the follow up to The Affair was markedly better to me than the first book The nagging word choices and things that I didn t find easy to read in book 1, around 1 3 of the way through The Secret seemed to fall into place Seeing as how these two book are Giana s first, I think I can see some greatness coming The character development for Elle is a miraculous thing to behold Her time with Sin has made her stronger and I love to see that in female characters Of course, I still want to st [...]

  29. Oh, the angst in this book The heartbreak, and longing, and suspense, and deception It was almost too much But not too much that I had to put the book down Oh no, I am still on a non stop binge on this series Something about her writing just draws me in completely She has such a lovely way with words,and she s so descriptive There was one simple sentence that really struck me, the beauty and descriptiveness of it There was the soft clack of a belt being undone and the sexual gasp of a zipper I v [...]